DIY | Cute Miniature Room Decor

DIY | Cute Miniature Room Decor – Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom Angel Dream.

In this video I show you how I decorated my miniature dollhouse bedroom. This kit can be obtained from and is very inexpensive considering the quality of the materials:

DIY | 6 Miniature DIY Starbucks Drinks Crafts

DIY | 100% Recycled Miniature Starbucks Drink, Sharpener, Holder, Key Chain, Charm, Necklace. Using a recycled cup from a soft drink. Today I am bringing you a 100% recycled craft tutorial using a soft drink cup to make a doll drink, a pencil holder, a sharpener / backpack charm, a necklace and a sharpener /keychain.

-recycled soft drink or coffee cup


DIY | Cardboard Doll Desk – Easy Doll Crafts – Simplekidscrafts

DIY | Cardboard Doll Desk – Easy Doll Crafts – Simplekidscrafts

– Matchboxes
– Cardboard
– Color paper
– Beads
– Glue
– Scissors

Stack and glue four medium size match boxes on top of each other.
Do the same with the other four match boxes.
These will be for the drawers of our desk.
Take the drawers out of the chest.
Glue color paper around the back and the side of the drawers.
Glue on beads as drawer pulls.
Cut a 20×10 cm piece of cardboard to make the top of the desk.
Cover the cardboard with color paper.
Glue the cardboardon top of the match boxes leaving space in between.
To make the chair use two small match boxes stacked sideways for the backing
And one medium size matchbox for the seat
Cover the matchboxes with paper
Glue forming and L
Make a long paper tube for the leg
Cut 4 pieces of paper tube
and glue to the chair.
Decorate the edges of the desk and the chair with decorative tape if desired.

DIY | Miniature Milk Bottle – EXTREMLY Quick Craft

How to make a Miniature Milk Bottle – Quick Craft

– Nail Art Bottle
– Paint
– Sticker,nail decoration or label
– Glue

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