DIY | Miniature Bottles

DIY | Miniature Bottles – Easy Doll Crafts – simplekidscrafts – dollhouse and miniature crafts

– Nose Spray Cap
– Nail Polish
– Exacto Knife
– Labels from circulars, books, etc
– Sponge
– Neddle
– Glue / Transparent tape
– Scissors

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DIY | Dollhouse Room – 20 Crafts in One Video

DIY | Dollhouse Room – 20 Crafts in one video – simplekidscrafts

In this video I show you how I decorated my miniature dollhouse bedroom. This kit can be obtained from and is very inexpensive considering the quality of the materials:

Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom Angel Dream Link:

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In this video I’ll just I’ll show you how I setup my room and later I will show you in short videos how to make each craft in detail. The whole craft took me about 2 hours and a half, since all these little things are actually quite time consuming, and I know many people will take more time adding details but I kinda cheated to shorten the time and I will tell you how in an up coming video. In this video only place the items I made, so I will not talk much but even so I do hope you enjoy the video and take some of the ideas in it as inspiration for your own little room. Bye.