10 Easy Diy Miniatures #4 - Each In Less Than 1 Minute

GROUP: Any age
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

DIY Realistic Miniature Kitchen: 10 Easy DIY Miniature Crafts #4 - each in less than 1 minute: In this video I will show you how to make 10 essential items for your doll s kitchen PLUS A FULL MINIATURE KITCHEN ROOM. I will show you how I built my miniature kitchen, it s cabinets, shelves and cooker at the end of this video, so you can see how everything goes together. In a second part to this video I will show you how to make even more miniatures for your miniature kitchen. Towards the end of this video I will also share with you the kitchen items we have build on previous videos. For this video I am using the materials that I got from banggood.com. I am explaining what each material is before i begin the craft. This kit Cost $14.99 USD and it has free shipping world-wide. These miniatures are very easy to make and this kit will keep you busy for hours on end. I am literally in love with this kit!

Link to purchase the Dollhouse / Miniature Kitchen Materials: http://goo.gl/l8eQ6N

Name of the Kit: DIY Wooden Doll Houses Miniature Kits Assembled Light Living Room Gifts With Cover

  • Dollhouse kit

  • Please follow the steps on the video for each craft.


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